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I'm A Chicken, Get Me Out Of Here!

RRP $14.99

This chicken is running out of cluck! The new animal-crackers standalone by star tween author Anna Wilson.

Titch the chicken joins Wilf's family by mistake. Wilf's mum is always absent-mindedly ordering things on the Internet, and when Titch turns up instead of the easy-cook chicken breasts she thought she'd ordered, it is a BIG surprise for the whole family.

Animal-loving Wilf is allowed to keep Titch as a pet – and she swiftly becomes his favourite. The other pets get jealous and plot to evict poor Titch from the household. It's only when the animals are put in danger by a mystery foxy visitor that Titch, with all her cunning and worldly wisdom, is able to step into the spotlight and save the day.

About the Author

Anna Wilson is both a cat- and dog-type person. She lives in Bradford-on-Avon with her husband, two children, two cats, some chickens and a dog. She is the author of Puppy Love, Pup Idol, Puppy Power, Puppy Party, Kitten Kaboodle, Kitten Smitten, Kitten Cupid and Monkey Business – all for Macmillan Children's Books.

20 Awesome Raw Desserts You Can't Live Without

RRP $18.99

This is a awesome raw food recipe book of 20 raw desserts that are made with organic nuts, seeds, and fruits! They taste wonderful and are great for you!The recipes are so easy even your kids can help make them! Who says that desserts have to be full of sugar, butter, eggs, and flour? Not me! Some of the raw desserts recipes are made with cocoa nibs, nuts, seeds, strawberries, mangos, blueberries, and many other different fresh organic fruits. There are raw recipes for raw puddings, raw pies, raw cookies, and even raw ice cream! Even if you don't like some the ingredients you can switch to another fruit that you do like for the same recipe. A raw food diet has more nutrients because the produce is in its most natural form. A raw diet helps to combat the daily toxins that are associated with the air, home, work, etc. Raw food also helps to curtail many diseases such as diabetes, lowers cholesterol, weight loss, arthritis, and many other ailments. These raw dessert recipes are so easy that this may be the only dessert recipe book you will ever need! Plus they are loaded with so many nutrients that you will feel and look better everyday.

The Youtube Manifesto

RRP $15.99

The Youtube Manifesto: A Collection Of The Top 5 Channels For Every Category Under The Sun Volume 1Young or old, amateur or expert, mainstream or subculture, popular or niche, not one demographic or genre has a monopoly on success on Youtube. Virtually anybody can upload a video, create a channel and become a host or a speaker.Youtube channels and their owners are the new generation of teachers, advisers and coaches of the modern world today. Their reach is as wide as the range of the Internet. While the depth of their videos or the expertise of their opinions may be at best debatable, no one can deny their influence.

By reading The Youtube Manifesto, you will learn:

  • DIY & How To's
  • Cooking
  • Video Games
  • Cars & Automobiles
  • Fitness & Workouts Routines for Men & Women
  • Safety
  • Fashion, Accessories & Lifestyle for Men & Women
  • Makeup Tutorials
  • Parenting Advice & Stories
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Much, much more!
Even with just a webcam, a niche topic and passion for the content, a channel can potentially satisfy your curiosity and need for information. Remember, do not judge a channel by their statistics alone, you need to read between the lines or in this case, the video clips. See beyond numbers, look at the hosts, listen to the content and discern between simple popularity and actual legitimacy.

How To Cook A Complete Thanksgiving/christmas Turkey Dinner

RRP $13.99

The holidays are coming and it's your turn to host the dinner. Don't Panic. "How To Cook A Thanksgiving / Christmas Turkey Dinner" takes you by the hand and offers a step by step guide to making the best turkey dinner you've ever tasted.Don't Stress - all the recipes you need are here along with explicit directions. You don't have to guess about anything, just follow the easy directions.Best selling author - Geoff Wells - has got your back.

Piece Of Cake Without A Hitch Book Three

RRP $12.99

Piece of Cake: Without A Hitch Book Three: Kari and John met, fell in love, and were married- all within just a few weeks! It was a whirlwind of true love and passion and romance and fate, and the newly wed couple could not be happier about the fact that they just tied the knot, even if the wedding did happen in a hospital. They are in the midst of planning a second public wedding, so that their families and friends can join in on their happiness. But things take a turn for the worse when John's mother, Evangeline, falls gravely ill. She has always been a stubborn, sturdy woman, capable of everything, but her sudden sickness seems to be more than even she can handle. All Evangeline ever wanted was to witness her son's marriage, and now it seems as if this might not be possible. John and Kari realize that the only way Evangeline will die happy is if she is able to see the wedding. They try to postpone it, but she urges them to carry on with their matrimonial plans, telling them she does not believe she will be able to make it. Stressed and worried, John and Kari work day and night to find a way to allow John's mother the ability to witness their marriage, while Evangeline grows sicker and sicker. Meanwhile, Kari experiences some troubles with her pregnancy, and begins to worry about whether or not John will be able to love another man's child. Kari also begins to fear that having Mark's baby will only make her miss her so much that she finds she is no longer able to give John the love and joy that he deserves. Will everything work itself out into a happily ever after? Or are these two love birds doomed to a life of hardship and unhappiness?


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