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It's Fun To Learn About Sizes

RRP $20.95

Dancing peapods, parachuting frogs, energetic elephants, daredevil teddy bears and boating mice make it really fun to learn about sizes. From an introduction to comparative size to a look at real-life animal sizes and growing sequences, this book will teach children all the basics that they will need to know for their first years at school. Record your own growth, bake cookies in three different sizes, draw characters with tall and short hats, grow some bean sprouts, make a jigsaw puzzle by cutting a big picture into little pieces, and much more.

Southern Bastards And Heroes

RRP $18.99

Southern Bastards and Heroes

Short Stories of the Southern Struggle

Since I didn't want them to catch me watching, I carefully peeked around the corner of the house. It was obvious the boys were distracted and wouldn't notice me. They lined up behind a big block of wood-our chopping block-after carrying it to the center of the field. Our cow, which Dad hadn't got around to selling yet, was coerced into backing up to the right position in front of it. Dad was an alcoholic and sold everything of value-a new electric cook-stove, a four-acre cornfield, and a few other things of lesser value-to support his habit after Mom left.

"What's a cow doing in this scene?" I thought out loud. A block of wood seems okay...but a cow? This picture was becoming more interesting with each passing moment. The first teenager, a dark-haired boy, dressed in a torn checkered shirt tied around his waist and faded blue jeans with bare feet, stepped onto the chopping block. Then down came his pants. I didn't see their faces; my eyes went straight toward their actions, leaving my own face full of shocking expressions.

"Oh boy, what have I got myself into by choosing to stay here to watch?" To put it bluntly, he carried carnal knowledge to heights I'd only read about before. The rest of the boys were going to do the same. Okay, I thought. I've seen enough. I'd better get away from here fast. Tommy will kill me if he knew I'd stuck around here to watch. Leaving that scene behind, I took off running.

Slipping and sliding down the red clay path to the spring, I couldn't get away fast enough. I knew Tommy would whip my ass if he caught me spying on him. I even forgot the bucket and ran back to get it. My thoughts rambled on and on. How could they do such a thing? There's a huge difference between girls and boys, including their minds.

As I ran down the hill to the spring a book that I'd recently read, but couldn't remember exactly where I'd gotten it, helped spark my imagination. Our school had no such books. Most young boys read books like these with a bunch of friends. Since us girls were afraid to even discuss subjects like these, someone I knew had offered me a couple of books to read for myself. They were on sexual behavior. I suppose I was just trying to make excuses, to reason why my brother would do something so outrageous. One of the books was called Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, written in 1948 by Alfred Kinsey, a mid-western zoology professor. "Many traditionally forbidden sexual activities were common place," he wrote, "forty to fifty percent of boys raised on farms had had sexual contact with animals." According to the other book, "Many of Kinsey's findings may have been based on flawed methods and some were false." I didn't know what to make of these things.

Curious About Christmas

RRP $17.99

A charming touch-and-feel board book that introduces baby to all the tactile joys of Christmas. This festive touch-and-feel board book lets little ones explore and enjoy all that the holiday has to offer through the curious eyes of everyone’s favorite little monkey. Your baby can experience Christmas with Curious George as he hangs stockings, decorates the tree, awaits a visit from Santa, and finds a surprise present on Christmas morning. With sweet illustrations, simple rhyming verse, and an array of textures—which include velvet stockings, crumbly sugar cookies, soft reindeer fur, and Santa’s fluffy white beard, among others—this holiday book is the perfect gift for those eagerly awaiting a visit from you know who!

Berry Cover (my Recipe Journal Cookbook)

RRP $18.99

This is a blank cookbook for you to fill in with all of your favorite family recipes. What better way to make sure that family recipes continue to be used for years to come. Each recipe page has a slot for everything from ingredients, Cook Time, Instructions, prep time, serving size, and more.

N. A. T. O.'s Southern Allies

RRP $549.99

This book analyses the internal sources of foreign policy within those NATO states whose primary security concerns lie in the southern area of the Alliance. It takes a careful look at foreign and defence policy formulation and assesses the special perspective of each of these countries inturn and the military threats that they face. Attention is paid to the role of the military in society, especially in the geographically peripheral states, as the Alliance seeks to adapt to a possible shift southward of some of its security concerns. A full understanding of the politics in each of these states is essential to determine the relative importance of national and Alliance priorities in each country as the tensions between external policies and internal necessities increase. The book offers an assessment of evolving security requirements in the southern region and of the capacity of NATO Mediterranean states to deal individually and collectively with the changing situation.


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