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A Beginner's Guide To Grilling And Barbecue Cooking

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A Beginner's Guide to Grilling and Barbecue Cooking Table of Contents Introduction Choosing the Best Grill Tips before You Begin Barbecuing/Grilling Self-Lighting Charcoal? Firing up your Charcoal Cooking on the Grill Techniques Other Methods and Substitutes for Tandoori Cooking Cooking Times Grilling and Roasting Preparing Mincemeat Kebabs Barbecued Gammon Rashers and Pineapple Barbecued Sausages Chicken with Honey Conclusion Author Bio Introduction Nobody in the world today can take the credit for being the first civilization where their ancestors first thought up the technique of grilling and barbecue cooking. It is certain that this technique spread all over the world, simultaneously, when men began to look for more and easier ways in which they could cook the meat they had hunted throughout the day. All they had to do is make a fire in their camp and roast the pieces of meat on pieces of charcoal. Then one day a man must have really gotten impatient with just waiting for a couple of pieces to cook to either perfection or to charred consistency, and skewered some more pieces on a bamboo skewer or thin piece of metal and, lo and behold, barbecue cookery came into existence.

Outback Cooking In A Camp Oven

RRP $18.95

This must-have book tells you how to cook everything – from Coopers-style whole baked fish to Nullarbor Ginger Roll and Strzelecki Damper – all in the camp oven. Born and raised in the outback, Jack Absalom is a well-known artist, bushman, raconteur and television personality.

Many of these popular recipes are from Jack’s uncle, Reg Absalom, who spent many years cooking on outback stations.

A Year Of Cooking Like Mummyji

RRP $43.99

A Year Of Cooking Like Mummyji picks up where Vicky's critically acclaimed debut, Cooking Like Mummyji, left off, exploring British-Asian cooking in the context of her family and, in this new title, of the seasons.

A year of ceremonies and festivals as varied as Holi, Easter, Mother's Day, Rakshabandhan, weddings, Eid, Ramadan, Dassera, Diwali, birthdays, Lohri, Christmas and Valentine's Day are each celebrated through specially selected dishes and Vicky's trademark refreshing text. Spring recipes include South Indian Vegetables and Lentils in a Sweet and Hot Sauce; Saffron and Pistachio Rasmalai; Sweet Dosa with Raspberry and Blueberry Mascarpone; Chilli Cheese Parathe; Raspberry Sharbart.

Summer recipes include: Green Masala Roast Chicken Breasts; Corn Cobettes; Hot Fruit Chaat; Gujarati Savoury Sponge; Kachumbar; Rooh Afza.

Autumn recipes include: Black Pepper and Fresh Coriander Lamb; Gobi di Sabji; Zeera Chaul; Mini Pickling Spice-Stuffed Aubergine Bake; Sweet Bhoondi; Coconut and Pistachio Barfi.

Winter recipes include: Mulicoloured Pepper Lamb; Karahi Chicken; Mini Cranberry Tikkia; Spicy Sprouts with Cumin and Mango; Coconut Rose Barfi with Sugared Rose Petals; Mini Black Forest Samose.

About the Author

Vicky Bhogan is the author of Cooking Like Mummyji which won the Jeremy Round Award for Best First Book at the Guild of Food Writers Awards 2004, and was shortlisted for Best Book at the Glenfiddich Awards the same year. She also compiled and contributed to A Fair Feast, a charity cookbook comprising recipes from the food industry and celebrities, with proceeds going to Oxfam and the Fairtrade Foundation as part of the Make Poverty History campaign.

The Camping Guy (a One Act Comedy)

RRP $14.99

"I opened my business magazine, and that's when I saw the ad. Executive De-stressing. Get away from it all. Guided one-on-one wilderness camping. Our motto is "If you're not living on the edge, You're taking up TOO MUCH ROOM!" Call Earl - the Camping Guy! So I did, and I signed up on the spot. I'd never been camping before. I was really looking forward to it and Earl - well, Earl, he was quite the guy." Reminiscent of television's and theater's The Odd Couple, "The Camping Guy" follows the misadventures of Earl, an experienced woodsman, and Johnson, his inept city slicker client, as they spend a camping weekend in the wilds of the Rockies. What was intended to be a de-stressing weekend soon turns into a distressing one, as these two mismatched campers find themselves engaged in unintended and hilarious situations. Male bonding has never been more funny, nor more dangerous! A Fringe Festival audience favorite, "The Camping Guy" has simple set requirements and a small cast, making it a favorite of both audiences and back stage production crews alike. If you like camping, or if you hate camping, you're going to love The Camping Guy"!

French Household Cooking

RRP $18.99


"Animals feed, men eat, but only intelligent men know what to eat." - Brillat-Savarin.

THIS Cookery Book is not meant to take the place of the hundred and more thick volumes that have been compiled within the last fifty years. It neither pretends to explain the various terms in use among the chefs of the haute cuisine, nor to indicate the innumerable ways of preparing fish, flesh, or fowl that every professed cook knows as well or better than most writers on the subject It is intended to give a few suggestions to women of the world who appreciate the advantages of well-prepared food, and know the value that such food has in married life.

A series of well-chosen, well-cooked dinners, not necessarily large ones, will attract a man and keep him at home - interested and amiable - more than the ordinary woman supposes. In the interests of home life a well-cooked dinner is of more importance than a well-dressed wife. A man will admire a pretty dress, but in time he will get used to the unsatisfactory result of clothes; he never gets tired of good food, dressed with care and taste.

This book is therefore not intended as a complete Cours de Cuisine, but as an aid to women, and an indication of the simple methods employed in French homes, where the daily meals are always well prepared, at the humblest as at the most luxurious tables.

The elementary rules of good cooking are cleanliness, fresh ingredients, and good butter. The quality of the butter used in the preparing of eggs, vegetables, fish, meat, and sauces is of the greatest importance. In fact, in this matter alone is the secret of the different flavour of a plain dish cooked at the good restaurant from the same cooked at the "wine shop at the corner." A dish of French beans, small and tender, will be prepared in the same manner by the proprietor of the shop as by the chef at the restaurant; but one will use "kitchen" butter, the other will employ the finest to be procured. At one of the famous cuisines butter is purchased at the rate of 3s. 6d. the pound. This I mention to show the importance chefs attach to quality.

In French household cooking, good fresh butter is always used.

Another important factor is the utensil. Sauce-pans and frying-pans play a great part in the cooking of food. They must be scrupulously clean, and as the ordinary cook is more or less careless in this respect, the utensils should be either in common red earthenware or in china. In the majority of kitchens where hygiene is studied under the mistress's supervision, copper saucepans line the walls, but are rarely used. The daily food is prepared in china. With half-a-dozen china saucepans of all sizes, costing on the average tenpence apiece, a couple of frying-pans, an earthenware pot for soup, a smaller one for vegetables, a "cocotte" (a cast-iron stew-pan and cover), and a fish-kettle, the average household is ready for all emergencies. The outlay for china and earthenware is so small, that if a saucepan occasionally breaks, it can be replaced for a few pence.


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